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    Since 2002, we provide expertise in logistics and temperature-controlled transportation for the life sciences, pharma, biotechnology and medical devices industry.
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    Since 2002, we provide expertise in logistics and temperature-controlled transportation for the life sciences...
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The special requirements of temperature-sensitive and time-critical goods require expert handling, regardless of location and time. Bioship – Life Sciences Logistics offers professional and tailor – made services for worldwide temperature controlled transports as well as just in time courier services.

In cooperation with our international service partners, our employees in Germany coordinate temperature-controlled transports and realize special services such as customs clearance, procurement of regulatory approvals, transport of hazardous goods or the handling of active temperature controlled containers (ULDs) in accordance with our high quality standards in more than 80 countries.

With a risk based approach we plan a safe airfreight transport and final delivery. Dedicated transport management, continuous process control and proactive communication guarantee the safe, global dispatch of your goods, pre-and post-processing of your air freight is carried out by qualified service partners on site. Your consignment is individually supervised, the cooling chain is monitored and guaranteed until delivery to consignee.

We use pre-qualified passive thermal insulated boxes and containers to guarantee the temperature stability of your materials – regardless of whether you want to ship single reagents or high tonnage.


If necessary, your consignment will be packed, marked and prepared for temperature monitoring, we are able to transport your goods in several temperature ranges between -196°C to + 40°C without deviations.

As specialists for the logistical requirements of clinical trials, medical research projects and the logistics management of active pharmaceutical ingredients, we enable our clients cost-efficient global transport solutions.

Each of our logistics processes is open to your quality audit to ensure that we meet the needs of your quality management.

Whether you want to ship your products and goods nationally or internationally, we provide a “tailor-made” solution.


Temperature-controlled logistics and thermal transports worldwide

  • Temperature ranges from -196°C to +40°C
  • Individual transport management & proactive communication
  • Tracking, interfacing, and proactive tracking throughout the world
  • Cooling chain monitoring & documentation of transport temperature
  • Import & Export, customs clearance and regulatory affairs
  • Communication with health and veterinary authorities
  • Procurement of export and import permits
  • Transport insurance
  • Temperature controlled intermediate storage worldwide
  • Dry ice refill service worldwide
  • Transportation and handling of dangerous goods
  • Transport of live animals
  • IATA-compliant & pre-qualified passive Thermal packaging from 2 L to 1000 L volume
  • VIP boxes
  • Passive Pallet Shippers & VIP Containers
  • active transport containers (ULDs) for temperature sensitive airfreight: Envirotainer®, DoKaSch®, CSafe® RKNs & RAPs
  • Transport of cryopreserved samples / provision of nitrogen transport containers (dry shippers)
  • Dataloggers for temperature, humidity, pressure, light exposure
  • Global real time GPS tracking & temperature monitoring
  • Onboard Courier, Hand Carry & Emergency Shipments
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